Mary Miller


Congresswoman Mary Miller is an unwavering voice for the unborn and their mothers in Congress. In her first term she has worked tirelessly to safeguard women’s health from dangerous chemical abortion drugs, including on our college campuses, and has vocally called out Biden and Pelosi’s extreme pro-abortion agenda. The protection of life is deeply important to her as a mother and grandmother, and we are so thankful for her voice on Capitol Hill. She has an A+ on SBA Pro-Life America's National Pro-Life Scorecard.

Mary Miller is a long-time resident of the 15th district and has a background in agriculture and teaching. Her husband, Chris Miller, currently serves in the Illinois State House of Representatives and has a perfect pro-life record. She and Chris own and operate a farm in Oakland, IL. They have seven children and 16 grandchildren.

Miller won her primary in June, and we look forward to her victory this November, and to continuing the important work of defending the unborn and their mothers with her.

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