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Life and Election Day 2024

Now or Never

Our “Now or Never: Life and Election Day 2024” campaign spotlights the challenges that lie ahead if we fail to thwart the threat unborn babies and their mothers face on Election Day.

BUT THERE IS HOPE. SBA Pro-Life America and Women Speak Out PAC have the political experience, proven strategy, infrastructure, and grassroots to overcome the challenges, turn back the threat, and win for life on November 5th.

Thank you for considering making your most generous gift to fully fund this life-saving work.

“I promise you I will restore Roe v. Wade as the law of the land.”

The looming elections for President, Senate, and House – the first time all three have been on the ballot since Dobbs – ARE MAKE OR BREAK FOR OUR MOVEMENT.

On November 5, 2024, America will answer this question: Are we a nation that serves mothers and saves babies or are we a nation that destroys both?

Your Investment and Target State Impact

We punch above our weight class, but still need funds to punch where we can as hard and effectively as possible.

In 2024, we will contact 3.8 million MORE voters than we reached in the 2020 election cycle. We have budgeted over $25M to REACH 10.8 MILLION persuadable and pro-life voters in the biggest election of our history. This works out to an AVERAGE OF $2.38 PER VOTER CONTACTED.

“I look like I need an abortion”

“What if the woman finds herself in a situation like mine, forced to fight against her doctor? Who’s left to fight for her?”

Watch Chelsey’s story of fighting for her baby’s life when a so-called doctor tried to bully her into aborting her unborn child.

Ways to Give

Ways To Give

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