The Abortion Fan Club

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The Abortion Fan Club
By Kelsey Hazzard

A directory of abortion facilities is targeting college students with this advertisement on Facebook:

 I’m offended both as a pro-lifer and as an advocate for correct grammar, but I will limit my commentary to the former.  It used to be that even supporters of Roe v. Wade conceded that abortion was a tragedy.  Now, we are no longer merely told to accept abortion as a necessary evil: we are told to embrace it, cherish it, and “become a fan” of abortion.

Facebook, of course, is dominated by students.  Abortionists have long targeted this age group.  According to Feminists for Life, one out of every five abortions is performed on a college woman.  At the same time, survey after survey is showing that the millennial generation is pro-life.  I am disgusted by the idea that abortion businesses think that I might become a fan of the institution that has killed countless members of my generation, and subjected many others to post-abortion stress.

I am not suggesting that we should campaign to have Facebook censor the ad; doing so would make us little different from the anti-free-speech zealots who attempted to bring down the Tebow Super Bowl commercial.  Nor can we stand by and do nothing while pro-abortion forces try to win back the pro-life generation.  Instead, I propose that pro-life Facebook users be on the lookout for the ad and pledge $1 to a pro-life group each time they see it.  A generous donor has agreed to match contributions to up to $500; gifts to your local CPC or campus organization would also be appropriate.

It’s easy to become discouraged by advertisements for abortion.  Always remember our fans: the children whose lives have been saved, the mothers who have been provided with the resources they need to choose life, and the women who have found healing after an abortion through pro-life programs.  They need us to stand up to the abortion industry.  What will you do to help?

Kelsey Hazzard is the president of and a first-year student at University of Virginia School of Law.

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