Bus Tour Day 4

The Votes Have Consequences Express continued roaring through Indiana today, making stops in New Albany, Seymour, Columbus, Franklin, and in Indianapolis. Tomorrow, it’ll head to the Indiana State Fair before heading to Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The most exciting development today was that the Indiana chapter of National Organization for (Pro-Abortion) Women actually showed up! What they failed to bring without a message. When asked by reporters why exactly they were there and why they were protesting us, they couldn’t provide an answer.

And that’s no surprise to me. They organized to stick up for Reps. Brad Ellsworth and Baron Hill… but Ellsworth and Hill want their constituents to believe that they fought against taxpayer funding of abortion. So I don’t see how having pro-abortion supporters bolsters their argument. The logic of NOW is just mind boggling.

Anyway, have a great weekend, SuzyB readers and we’ll continue to give you updates from the road.

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Great pic from today’s stop in New Albany, IN

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