Happy Thanksgiving from SBA Prez!

Dannenfelser Family

The Thanksgiving Operation here at the Dannenfelser household – like yours I’m sure, is a great opportunity to bring order out of chaos.  Our family of seven plus this year’s guests equals a party of twelve.  A modest sized home and dining room requires creative seating and serving arrangements.  A small kitchen means we’d better start cooking a couple days ahead of time.  Multiple must-have dishes and busy lives necessitate division of responsibilities amongst the kids.  Hannah will bake the pies.  Elizabeth will fix the potatoes.  Terry will be the bread chef.  Tommy will chop stuffing stuff.  And Joseph – hmmm.  He will take out the trash.  Husband Marty will empathize.

Everyone is short on time and resources yet all make some sort of sacrifice to make it all work.

Which brings me to you – and why I am so deeply grateful and give great thanks to God for you, an indispensable member of our Susan B. Anthony List family.

This year, few of us have had extra resources or time to spare.  And yet, at a turning point in history for the future of women and their unborn children, you have made time and have dug deeper to give of yourself for their sake.  No one knows when these moments will arise and what will be required of us to meet the challenge.  We can only build our movement, develop strategy and invest in the right tools.

But when the time comes, heroes are made because they act by sacrificing for the sake of others.  They are models for how we are to live.  And when I talk about heroes, I mean you.  Our SBA List family is leading the nation in the battle against full federal funding of abortion through nationalized health care.  You are challenging the prospect of rationed health care that leaves the most vulnerable in the human family out in the cold. And you are the ones speaking out against the bulldozing of our consciences in such a nationalized scheme.

So from our Dannenfelser family to our SBA List family, THANK YOU.  I do covet your prayers and so appreciate your encouragement.  Whenever I speak around the country, I am blessed by SBA List members for whom I promise to pray for.  I consider each a great pearl and treasure.  As I do you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving – full of love even in the chaos!

For Life,
Marjorie Dannenfelser

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