Indiana Planned Parenthood Caught On Tape Giving Fabricated Medical Information

In late July Live Action, an awesome pro-life group that goes undercover to Planned Parenthood clinics, released yet another video exposing the medical misinformation and lies that Planned Parenthood provides to women who seek counselling.

Here’s the video:


This is the third video that Live Action has released in their Rosa Acuna Project, which is a multi-state undercover investigation focused on exposing medical misinformation and manipulative counseling at Planned Parenthood. It’s ironic that this is exactly what Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups accuse of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

Pregnancy care centers across this country are a huge threat to Planned Parenthood clinics because they offer women something other than a dead baby.  They offer women actual emotional, practical, medical, and even financial help when they need it most.  Planned Parenthood can’t stand losing abortion clients and money, and  attacks CPC’s every chance it can by claiming they are providing unscientific information and  promoting rediculous legislation.

Thank you Live Action for showing the world that it is Planned Parenthood and pro-aborts who are afraid of science and give manipulative medical information, not CPC’s and pro-lifers!

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