Ireland Attacked for Pro-Life Laws

LifeNews reported this week on a shocking turn of events. Ireland was attacked today by the group Human Rights Watch for what they perceived as an affront to basic human rights. What could be this assault you ask, what basic human rights are being denied in Ireland? According to the HRW, Ireland is depriving its’ citizens of the “fundamental human” right to have an abortion.

Of course, they fail to take into account the right to life of the unborn child.

What’s even more disturbing is the fact that Ireland’s laws protecting the unborn were not set up just a few years ago, but have been a major force in their legal system since 1861. The Irish Constitution explicitly recognizes the humanity of the unborn child and states that all life must be protected, from conception until natural death.

Rebecca Roughneen, a pro-life advocate in Ireland, argued that, “Neither I, nor the majority of Irish women, need abortion to ‘enjoy’ our human rights.”

So why doesn’t Human Rights Watch look out for those that are really suffering from a lack of human rights? Those lacking the fundamental right to life? The unborn.

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