Ireland Stands for Life

This week, Ireland’s Dail, their legislative branch, defeated a bill that would have repealed the nation’s abortion ban by a landslide 109-20 margin. The bill would have legalized abortion, allowed doctors to perform abortions without a woman’s consent, and even made certain pro-life activity and protesting punishable by law. It would have also gutted the conscience protections that doctors currently enjoy in Ireland.

While members of the Socialist party have tried to change Ireland’s longstanding ban on abortion, the people of Ireland have doubled down in their commitment to life. Case in point came during demonstrations in support and opposition over the bill: while a widely-promoted pro-choice rally gathered just 50 people, a recent pro-life rally in Ireland gathered over 8,000 people. The general public was not swayed by the dishonest title of the bill, which ignored its abortion centered goal, The Medical Treatment Bill of 2012.

Ireland Pro Life Campaign Spokesperson Dr. Ruth Cullen said the following regarding Ireland’s Pro-Life policy: The fact… is that women receive outstanding care when pregnant in this country and Ireland, without abortion, is internationally recognized as one of the safest countries in the world for pregnant women, safer than places like England where abortion is available up to birth.”

Congratulations Ireland for remaining fully pro-life!

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