National Journal: SBA List Surges Ahead of NOW

Since 1996, the SBA List PAC supporting pro-life candidates has outspent NOW PAC.

National Journal’s Theresa Poulson posted a fabulous piece today comparing the Susan B. Anthony List to the older, pro-abortion women’s group the National Organization for Women (NOW).

Though the health care debate has galvanized both pro-life and pro-abortion advocacy groups, only one side has seen a passionate response from grassroots activists. Poulson takes an in-depth look at how NOW is scrambling to retain and reinvigorate its members; while on the other hand, the pro-life movement is growing exponentially.

This piece comes on the same day that the Susan B. Anthony List announced that in 2009, SBA List activists sent over one and a half MILLION letters, emails and phone calls to Congress, well over our goal of one million! Pat yourselves on the back, pro-lifers! Our hard work and dedication has persevered. We’ve sent a message this year to the President and Congress: we are ready for 2010 and all the elections and health care fights that are sure to come with it.

Take a look at these web videos (with SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser & Communications Director Joy Yearout) and be sure to read Poulson’s article here.




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