Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged With 8 Counts of Murder

CBS News in Philadelphia reports that last night infamous abortionist, Kermit Gosnell (pictured right), along with his wife, and eight other colleagues were arrested following a grand jury investigation. 

Dr. Gosnell has quite a history performing illegal abortions at his ‘Women’s Medical Center’ in Philadelphia.  Indeed, his resume would make even the coldest of serial killers shudder:

  • Gosnell faces eight counts of murder charges in the deaths of a patient and seven babies who were born alive and then killed with scissors
  • Gosnell engaged unlicensed employees to perform  operations and administer anesthesia, including a 15-year-old high school student.
  • His “patient”, Karnamaya Mongar, overdosed on anesthetics which he prescribed
  • Upon raiding his house, investigators said that there were bags and bottles holding aborted fetuses scattered throughout the building, and jars with severed feet that he kept for no medical purpose.
  • Investigators recovered more than two dozen fetuses stored in a freezer, some dating back 30 years.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said Gosnell made approximately $1.8 million in one year alone performing the procedures and is suspected of committing hundreds of late-term abortions of which there is no record.

Following the gathering of evidence from the raid, Williams stated, “I am aware that abortion is a hot-button topic, but as district attorney, my job is to carry out the law. A doctor who knowingly and systematically mistreats female patients, to the point that one of them dies in his so-called care, commits murder under the law.  A doctor who cuts into the necks severing the spinal cords of living, breathing babies, who would survive with proper medical attention, is committing murder under the law.”

The doctor, in past interviews with Eyewitness News, has proclaimed his innocence, predicting if charged, he will be acquitted.

I bet those on the jury, once they glance over his resume, will disagree.

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