Remember ex-Rep. Steve Driehaus of Ohio?

DriehausHe’s the former Congressman who filed the outrageous lawsuit against the SBA List for “loss of livelihood” after his vote for pro-abortion Obamacare cost him his seat. 

The SBA List made sure that the people of Ohio knew about his real record, and he blamed us for ruining his career! And last month, a federal district court judge (who was appointed by President Obama) dismissed Driehaus’s lawsuit, saying that the First Amendment protected our right to educate voters about legislators’ pro-abortion votes. This was a big victory and we hoped that we had heard the last from this former congressman.

Well, he’s back: He’s appealing the court’s commonsense decision against his nonsense lawsuit. He’s trying to beat us one legal bill at a time – draining us of valuable resources and staff time! 

This isn’t just about a single lawsuit – this is about a politician using the federal court system to attempt to restrict our constitutional right to free speech and to prevent us from holding elected officials accountable for the way they vote.

One of the most outrageous things about this case is that Driehaus holds the SBA List accountable for losing his election—but he has only himself to blame for betraying his pro-life constituents and unborn children. His vote for a law that forces taxpayers to be complicit in the deaths of unborn children is why the voters booted him out. 

The SBA List works day in and day out to make sure that pro-life legislators stay true to the pro-life views which propelled them to office, and ultimately the voters decide.  Ohio voters came down on the side of life.

Instead of recognizing the will of his constituents, Steve Driehaus wants to manipulate the legal system to silence pro-life voices.  He wants to set a precedent that abortion activists across the country can use to try and shut down groups like ours. 

It is frustrating to see this ex-Congressman once again using the court system to drain valuable resources and staff time, especially knowing that he should never have started this legal battle in the first place. We hope to soon see the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals concur with Judge Timothy Black who ultimately affirmed the  First Amendment and the Constitutional right of people to speak out against their elected officials.

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