Spanish Government Moves Towards Reducing Abortion Rates

According to LifeSiteNews.comSpanish Government Spain’s new, more conservative government has announced the details of its plan to revise the country’s abortion laws.  Recently, the People’s Party has decided to return to the previous law on abortion, which only allows abortion during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy.  Under current law, approved in 2010, teenagers aged 16 and older may undergo an abortion without parental permission in some cases and don’t need to meet pre-approved circumstances, such as rape or mental illness, as long as it’s during the first trimester.  Due to lack of authority and regulation, however, rules were easily bent, leading to over one hundred thousand abortions annually in Spain.

The People’s Party is looking to decrease the number of abortions dramatically by providing women with knowledge that there are other options.  Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz also hopes to see the new law “support and help” women while enforcing the message that women do not have absolute control over whether or not their child is born. 

Abortion supporters obviously had a few comments about the new laws the People’s Party hope to pass.  The Association of Clinics Accredited for the Interruption of Pregnancy responded by saying that the law is, “a clear retreat in relation to the basic rights of women.”

Pro-lifers, on the other hand, know this is a step in the right direction.  These new laws will take a lot of effort to enforce, but in the end, Spain will be one step closer to the ultimate goal to be achieved: to end abortion and promote the dignity of all human life.  Felicitaciones pro-lifers in Spain!

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