National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus

The Caucus is a project of SBA Pro-Life America to identify, organize, and advance women lawmakers who are dedicated to ending abortion in America by passing laws that save lives.

The Caucus aims to:

  • CONNECT women to model legislation, allied groups, ground-breaking research, legal support, and other resources they need to introduce and defend pro-life legislation.
  • PROVIDE women with the grassroots and media support they need to pass pro-life legislation.
  • TRAIN women and their male colleagues on how to best articulate the pro-life message
  • RECRUIT women to run for office and connect them with the resources they need to win whenever possible

“The strong women leaders in the NPLWC bring a wealth of knowledge, diverse experience, and a variety of ideas to share with me and other new legislators. Working with these motivated women to develop winning strategies to achieve pro-life goals is a tremendous opportunity for me.”

-Delegate Jill Upson, West Virginia House of Delegates

Caucus History

For more than 20 years, SBA Pro-Life America has helped nurture the first generation of women leaders who have embraced the cause of Life in the same spirit of Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul. These women have bravely entered the public square, debunking the myth of abortion as a great liberator, a necessity for equality, even a Constitutional right. These women have passionately fought to protect women and their children from the violence of abortion. They’ve boldly introduced and have passed pro-life legislation. They’re unafraid to stand up to the Nancy Pelosi’s and Barbara Boxer’s of Congress. They’ve saved lives and have changed hearts. SBA Pro-Life America has been proud to stand strong with them every step of the way. Now, we are raising up an even larger generation of leaders through the National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus.

Caucus Leadership

The Hon. Marilyn Musgrave

Directing the Pro-Life Women’s Caucus is SBA Pro-Life America’s Vice President for Government Affairs, the Hon. Marilyn Musgrave. Having served the people of Colorado as a school board member, a state representative, a state senator, and finally as a U.S. Congresswoman, Marilyn knows first-hand the needs of pro-life women legislators.
Shepherding the next generation of pro-life women’s leadership has come easily to Marilyn: during her time as a public servant, she was a pro-life champion herself. She knows what it takes to be a champion for Life, and leads by example.