Kentucky Unborn Children & Mothers Safe From Abortion While Litigation Continues

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 18, 2022 Contact: Mary Owens, Kentucky Supreme Court Will Hear Oral Arguments in November Washington, D.C. – The Kentucky Supreme Court announced today that the state’s Human Life Protection Act will remain in effect during ongoing litigation. Oral arguments will be heard on November 15, 2022. The pro-life law protects […]

Biden-Harris Push Abortion on Demand Until Birth, Paid for by Taxpayers

“The Biden-Harris White House’s ‘new’ strategy is the radical agenda pro-abortion Democrats have been pushing for years, now at fever pitch post-Dobbs. They will stop at nothing to impose abortion on demand until birth, paid for by the taxpayer, without limits nationwide. Using the heavy hand of the federal government, they will coerce medical professionals to kill their smallest patients and will expand the flow of dangerous abortion drugs, even into states that have enacted safeguards for women and unborn children. Abortion is not health care – it destroys unborn life and wounds women. Democrats who think their pro-abortion extremism is a political winner should think again – their agenda continues to be deeply unpopular.”