Candidate Fund

The SBA Pro-Life America Candidate Fund, launched in 1992 as the first SBA Pro-Life America program, finances and endorses pro-life candidates for Congress and high state public office.

The mission of the SBA Pro-Life America Candidate Fund is to end abortion by electing national and state leaders, with a special calling to promote pro-life women candidates.

In 2020, SBA Pro-Life America collected $1.6 million in direct and bundled contributions for pro-life candidates. The Candidate Fund supported key pro-life contenders in various states, resulting in the election of 14 pro-life senators, 46 representatives, and 18 state officials.

We support candidates in three key ways:

  • Direct Support: The SBA Pro-Life America Candidate Fund contributes directly to selected campaigns
  • Bundled Checks: The SBA Pro-Life America asks members to contribute to the endorsed candidates of their choice, making the checks payable to the campaigns. The checks are then collected by the SBA Pro-Life America Candidate Fund, “bundled” together with other members’ checks and sent to the candidates
  • Independent Expenditures: The SBA Pro-Life America Candidate Fund runs Independent Expenditure Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) programs in targeted districts, designed to turn out pro-life voters on Election Day.

By marshaling the power of our membership behind the pro-life heroes who meet our endorsement criteria and need it most, the SBA Pro-Life America Candidate Fund shapes the pro-life political landscape

Candidate Endorsements are considered on a rolling basis. If you know of a candidate that we should consider and meets the above criteria, email [email protected].