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FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine

Abortion Drugs at the Supreme Court

On March 26, the Supreme Court is set to hear Food and Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, a case challenging the FDA’s reckless actions removing the safety standards that the FDA originally felt were necessary to bring the abortion drugs to market in 2000. Although the case is related to abortion, the question before the Court is whether the FDA broke the law and its own rules when it removed virtually every safety standard, ignoring women’s need for in-person doctor visits and ongoing care when taking dangerous abortion drugs. Doctors, who have been witnessing the harm to women and girls, are asking the Court to hold the FDA accountable for failing its duty to protect public health and safety.

What do Americans Think?

AHM - abortion drug vetting

Majority of Americans Agree: Abortion Drugs Aren’t Vetted Carefully Enough

By a double-digit margin (51%-39%), Americans disagree that abortion drugs have been vetted carefully enough to protect women’s health and safety, based on what they know about the FDA (10% were unsure or did not respond).

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“Thank you for making my son matter.”

Elizabeth shares her story of being pressured into taking abortion drugs. Today she’s using her voice to warn other women about abortion drugs by telling the truth of what happened to her, and her son.

Numbers You Need to Know

Big Abortion and their allies in the corporate media are spreading lies and fear mongering. Here’s the facts they won’t tell you. You can learn more about the science and statistics of abortion drugs at

As many as 15% of women taking abortion drugs suffer hemorrhage.

Women and girls can now go online and order dangerous drugs that have potentially extreme risks of infection and hemorrhage, without ever being examined by a physician. They are left to take these drugs at home in isolation, without medical care, and will deliver their tiny, unborn child all alone. Women are in danger of significant harm or even death.

1 in 50 women taking abortion drugs will have an infection.

These risks increase as pregnancy advances. Pro-life laws on the state and federal level are no longer adequate to save women’s lives. Abortion restriction laws, parental consent laws, informed consent laws and more will be circumvented by the ability of anyone to order abortion drugs from anywhere for any reason.

The rate of abortion drug-related emergency room visits has increased more than 500% over the past decade.

The abortion industry claims that abortion pills are safe. Yet peer-reviewed science and data say otherwise. Research shows the rate of abortion pill-related emergency room visits has increased more than 500% over the past decade and a half, and that abortion pills put mothers at significantly greater risk for complications.

Four Lies the Corporate Media Will Tell You About this Case

1. This will ban all abortion drugs in America

No, it will not. This case is about the FDA’s reckless decision to remove important safety standards for dangerous abortion drugs and allow for mail-order abortion drugs. The FDA put politics before safety and gambled with countless lives. A majority of Americans oppose sending abortion drugs through the mail without seeing a doctor in person because they understand it is not safe. 

2. This will place an undue burden on the FDA, damaging its reputation and rendering it unable to ever do its job successfully in the future

The FDA has shown it is perfectly capable of damaging its own reputation by failing to do its job. We have seen this with other drugs including Vioxx, Aduhelm and opioids. We can also look to the recent admission that a key ingredient in hundreds of over-the-counter cold medicines flat-out doesn’t work. Just the other day The Washington Post described how yet another drug for ALS failed a large clinical trial, only two months after the FDA waived its normal standards and approved it under emotional and political pressure: “Critics say the Food and Drug Administration has gone too far greenlighting drugs despite concerns about their effectiveness.” 

3. Mail-order delivery of abortion drugs are completely safe, there are no issues with it

When the FDA first approved abortion drugs, it required doctors to provide ongoing care to women using the drugs, including an initial in-person visit to screen for important conditions, and a follow-up visit to check for life-threatening complications like bleeding and infection. These forms of care simply are not possible over the Internet. The FDA’s decision to remove this important care puts the health of women and girls at risk, especially when the FDA’s own label for these abortion drugs says that roughly one in 25 women who takes the drugs will end up in the emergency room. 

In the UK, many pro-abortion organizations were concerned when mail-order abortions became widely accessible at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Leading pro-abortion medical professionals and politicians strongly opposed this decision for safety reasons. Opposition in the medical community was so strong, Health Minister Lord Bethell spoke out against it, calling it dangerous and demanding in-person visits. The NHS and Royal College of Pediatrics spoke out calling for an end to it, which resulted in the UK government repealing their mail-order policy. However, that was later overruled by a parliamentary vote.

Physicians are now witnessing the harm the FDA has caused through its reckless actions. They now must serve women and girls facing severe health complications because of the FDA’s illegal actions, and they are standing up and speaking out. 

4. This case is based on junk science

Three CLI studies, two of which focused on abortion drugs, have recently come under attack after the publisher retracted the studies earlier this year. To date, the publisher has advanced no valid objection to their findings and has shown no evidence of any major errors, miscalculations, or falsehoods. The authors of the studies stand by their work, and they have fully responded to the concerns of the publisher.

Nevertheless, the media will be happy to tell you all about the retractions, but they may not tell you one crucial fact: None of these studies will be at issue as the Supreme Court considers the case.

Share the Facts on Your Social Media

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The majority of Americans don’t trust the FDA.

They don’t believe the FDA’s claims that mail-order abortion drugs are safe.

Accountability has to be the first step toward repairing the damage to the public’s trust.

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This case is about one particularly dangerous abortion method – mail-order drugs – that never should have been approved, and wouldn’t if the FDA had done its job properly.

The FDA put politics before safety and gambled with countless lives.

A majority of Americans oppose sending abortion drugs through the mail without seeing a doctor in person because they understand it is not safe.

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Not many drug companies only sell one product that ends a human life by design.

But the drug manufacturer for mifepristone – that’s all they do, one drug.

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It’s crucial to understand the majority of websites selling abortion drugs don’t involve any personal interaction with a doctor.

Anyone – including domestic abusers and human traffickers – can fill out a form and get the drugs sent to them, no questions asked.

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