Activate a New Pro-Life Movement

Abortion laws have been returned to the people, opening up new opportunities to support life all around us. But we must act immediately to create the sure foundation we need for life—and justice—to prevail.

It will take a total of $7.64 million by August 31 from committed investors like you in order to fully fund the next two critical quarters of our work. Please, carefully consider how you can partner with us to fight abortion, save the lives of unborn children, and protect their mothers.

Your personal investment of:

  • $5,000 can ensure 10 pro-life advocates receive professional media training so they can persuasively engage with local media outlets to counter Big Abortion's lies.

  • $10,000 can fund Capitol Hill briefings to equip pro-life lawmakers and their staff with the science and statistics to advance life-saving laws.

  • $25,000 can help us deploy 25 canvassers to educate 8,000 pro-life Americans at their door in key states.

  • $50,000

    can commission strategic polling to better craft our message, allowing SBA Pro-Life America to cut through the noise created by Big Abortion.

If you’re ready to have a lasting, transformative impact for life, please make your donation below: