Born-Alive Abortion Survivors: Documented Cases

Planned Parenthood and Democrats DEFEND Born-Alive Abortions.Born-Alive Abortions DO happen. Here’s the proof:

Planned Parenthood says “There is no such thing as abortion until or after birth.”

Here’s just four (of 270+ documented) abortion survivors:

1️⃣ Melissa Ohden — survived abortion attempt in 1977 at 31 weeks:

Melissa Ohden — survived abortion attempt in 1977 at 31 weeks:

— Susan B. Anthony List (@SBAList) February 28, 2019

Here’s documentation from St. Luke’s hospital in Sioux City, Iowa showing Melissa survived an abortion attempt on her life:

Here’s another hospital document showing the doctor believed Melissa to be 31 weeks:

2. Gianna Jessen survived abortion attempt in 1977 when her mother was 7 1/2 months pregnant.

Watch Gianna’s testimony:

Here’s Gianna’s first birth medical record, indicating she was “Born during Saline abortion”:

Here’s Gianna’s birth certificate listing infamous abortionist “Edward C. Allred, M.D.,” as the physician who delivered her:

And here’s an article from April 1978 describing Gianna’s story in a story about the murder trial of abortionist William Waddill, who stood accused of strangling another saline abortion survivor:

2. claire culwell — survived abortion attempt 22 years ago:

Read Claire’s story here:

Josiah Presley — survived an abortion attempt in South Korea.

A suction machine 29 times stronger than a household vacuum was used to end his life. He survived the abortion attempt, but with a disfigured arm. Watch Josiah’s full testimony:

Testimony of nurse Jill Stanek who blew the whistle on born-alive abortions being committed at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois [part 1]

Testimony of nurse Jill Stanek [part 2]:

In Christ Hospital (Oaklawn, IL):
– From 1995 – 2000, 11 – 26 babies born alive during abortion per year
– half the babies lived – each lived 1.5 – 3 hours (one lived almost an 8-hour shift)

2013: When asked what would happen to a baby born alive during an abortion at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility, Planned Parenthood PPact lobbyist Alisa Lapolt says this is a decision for the mother and the abortionist:

Jan. 2019: Democratic Virginia State Delegate Kathy Tran admits her bill permits abortion up until the moment of birth:

Jan. 2019: Governor VA Ralph Northam defends infanticide:

[If a child is born alive during an abortion] “the infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

In just 4 states in 2017, at least 27 babies were born alive during an abortion according to official state reporting:
AZ: 10
FL: 11
MN: 3

(Only six states require the reporting of statistics on children marked for abortion who were born alive during abortion)

Holding that rate constant, and using these SELF-REPORTED numbers from abortion facilities, we can estimate:

🚨234 babies were born alive during abortion attempts in 2017 alone🚨

More research on born-alive abortion statistics from Live Action:

Here’s the list of 44 U.S. Senators who voted AGAINST protecting babies born alive during an abortion this past Monday (Feb. 25):

Pelosi is steadfastly REFUSING to hold a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act in the House. Here’s a compilation of 17 #ProLife U.S. Reps calling on Pelosi to hold a vote: