EWTN Pro-Life Weekly Episode 164: Interview with Paul Conrathe–Lawyer in UK Fetal Pain Lawsuit

In the latest episode of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly:

A woman in the United Kingdom says she would not have had an abortion if she had known her unborn child could feel pain, and has filed a lawsuit asking that abortion businesses be required to inform women their pre-born babies are capable of feeling pain—her lawyer, Paul Conrathe, and Dr. David Prentice, the vice president and research director for the Charlotte Lozier Institute, join us for analysis. Georgia’s attorney general has asked the Department Of Justice to investigate the killing of Ahmaud Arbery—Christina Bennett, communications director for the Family Institute of Connecticut joins us to share why the pro-life movement should speak up for justice in this case. The game show “The Price is Right” raises nearly 100,000 dollars for Planned Parenthood—Catherine Hadro “Speaks Out.” And Madame Birthe Lejeune, widow to the late Jerome Lejeune, the French Catholic doctor who discovered the genetic cause of Down syndrome, died last week at the age of 92—we honor her pro-life legacy.

We’re partnering with EWTN to produce this weekly pro-life show that will not only update you on the latest updates in the fight for LIFE, but will also provide you with opportunities to take action to end abortion!

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