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Biden, Democrats

The stories Biden won’t tell during the State of the Union

SBA team | March 7, 2024

President Biden’s State of the Union address is set to be the most pro-abortion speech by any modern president. Bringing…

Abortion, Democrats, Exposed, Serving Moms

EXPOSED: Abortion In America Series, The DC Five, Episode 4: Enacting Justice for the Five

SBA team | March 4, 2024

  Transcript: 0:01 – EMILY ERIN DAVIS: We traveled up to Capitol Hill to hear from congressmen and women to…

Abortion, Democrats

Why Won’t Gov. Gavin Newsom Say If He Supports Any Limits on Abortion?

SBA team | February 28, 2024

MRC Newsbusters is calling out MSNBC for censoring an interview in which California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, refused to answer simple, direct questions about…

Abortion, Democrats, Exposed

EXPOSED: Abortion in America, The DC Five, Episode 3: Pressed for the Truth

Emily Erin Davis | February 21, 2024

   Transcript: 0:01 – Emily Erin Davis: This week, we speak to two journalists who were on the ground…

Democrats, States

Battleground Virginia: Youngkin & GOP’s offense strategy on abortion has Democrats spooked

SBA team | October 30, 2023

All eyes are on Virginia to prove that abortion is not the Left’s silver bullet in the state’s General Assembly…


Pro-life message will be a winner in legislative elections

SBA team | September 16, 2023

The fight for control of the Virginia General Assembly is heating up. One thing is clear: Democrats learned nothing from…

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