Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, Rep. Stephanie Bice weigh in on pro-life momentum in state

In the latest episode of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly:

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is celebrating nine new pro-life laws in his state – we speak with him directly about how he views his role in the pro-life movement. Representative Stephanie Bice (R-OK) is a Catholic congresswoman – she reacts to the pro-life momentum in Oklahoma and how she plans to defend life on Capitol Hill. Plus, Sue Liebel of the Susan B. Anthony Lists puts the role of pro-life governors and state politics into perspective for us. A few guests tried to dress up abortion at this week’s Met Gala – Catherine Hadro ‘Speaks Out’. And Br. Columba Thomas, O.P. – a Dominican friar and physician – tells us about how his new book “The Art of Dying” helps prepare Catholics to defend their dignity at the end of their life.

We’re partnering with EWTN to produce this weekly pro-life show that will not only update you on the latest updates in the fight for LIFE, but will also provide you with opportunities to take action to end abortion!

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