Dannenfelser on Newsbusters: Huffington Post's Laura Bassett Doesn't Get It: Being Pro-Life Is Pro-Woman

Huffington Post’s Laura Bassett Doesn’t Get It: Being Pro-Life Is Pro-Woman
By Marjorie Dannenfelser

Women oppose abortion.

Pro-abortion forces in the Democratic party, unable to face the facts, have instead engaged in a head-spinning, mind-numbing campaign to portray political victories for abortion as motivated by anti-woman animus.

The latest example? Check out the nasty little piece of anti-Catholic baiting by Laura Bassett in the Huffington Post, “The Men Behind the War on Women.”

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops opposed ObamaCare because it would fund abortion. Catholic bishops are men. Ergo, the intense political uproar generated against ObamaCare, because it would provide a backdoor way to override the Hyde Amendment’s long-standing prohibition on taxpayer financing of abortion, represents “a group of men that has historically denied women the opportunity to participate in leadership positions… exercising so much power over such a broad range of women’s reproductive health legislation.”

“Clearly there’s a problem when men take such an interest in the sexual function of women,” Bassett wrote. “There’s something deeply off about it.”

As a woman who heads one of the largest pro-life organizations in America, I’m personally offended by this kind of sexist nonsense.

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