Forum on Life Issues Focuses on "Common Ground"

In case you missed it, Doug Kmiec, Mary Ann Glendon, and Robert George participated in an excellent forum on life issues yesterday at the National Press Club. The event, sponsored by the Catholic University of America, focused on what it means to find “common ground” on the issue of abortion and how  “common ground” can be achieved.

George and Kmiec discussed the actions of the Obama administration thus far and how pro-life citizens should react to the new administration. Here is a sampling of the forum, courtesy of the Washington Times:

     “If President Obama were interested in reducing the numbers of abortions, he would not subsidize abortion by public money,” George said. “He would not oppose parental consent laws, waiting periods and other laws that reduce the number of abortions.”

    The two men represent different views on how to deal with a pro-choice Democratic administration that holds majorities in both chambers of Congress. Mr. Kmiec, a Republican, broke ranks with many Catholics by endorsing Barack Obama for president in March 2008, saying Catholics would not be violating the tenets of their faith by supporting him. He has consistently supported Mr. Obama since then.

It is a must-see discussion! To watch the full video click here.

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