New Poll Shows Americans Trending Pro-Life

A new Gallup poll shows that more Americans now identify themselves as pro-life, rather than pro-choice, for the first time since polling began on the question in 1995.

Here are some key findings from the study:

More Americans self-identify as “pro-life.”

The largest percentage of Americans in two decades now call themselves pro-life. Gallup researchers attribute part of this trend to Obama’s radical actions on abortion. Gallup writes that Obama has redefined what it means to be pro-choice, moving it more to the left, and more Americans are running to the pro-life position.

    ·  51% of Americans identify themselves as pro-life, whereas only 42% call themselves pro-choice.

    ·  The percentage of “pro-life” Americans has risen 7% since 2008.

More women now identify as “pro-life” than “pro-choice.”

Despite what the abortion industry wants us to believe, the majority women support rights for the unborn.

    ·  49% of women call themselves “pro-life,” an increase of 6% since 2008.

    ·  44% of women call themselves “pro-choice.”

Majority of Americans do not support abortion on demand.

While President Obama continues to strip away common-sense restrictions on abortion, this poll shows that the majority of Americans disagree with his actions and believe that abortion should be relegated to certain circumstances.

    ·  37% of Americans say abortion should be “legal in only a few circumstances.”

    ·  23% of Americans say abortion should be “illegal in all circumstances,” an increase of 6% since 2008.

    ·  22% of Americans believe abortion should be “legal in all circumstances,” a number that has fallen 6% since 2008.

Republicans and independents are steadily trending pro-life.

This is the second poll in recent weeks to show that pro-life Republicans are not to blame for alienating Republicans. In fact, more and more independents agree with the pro-life movement that the Republican Party ought to be pro-life.

    · 70% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents identify as pro-life, an increase of 10% since 2008.


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