Pro-life Leaders Receive Death Threats in Wake of Tiller’s Death

Pro-life blogger Jill Stanek revealed recently that she has been placed under continuous police and federal protection due to email threats to kill her at church or as she left her home. Stanek, the Illinois nurse who exposed the practice of abandoning babies that survive abortion, states that she, along with leaders Troy Newman of Operation Rescue and Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, had been receiving threats such as the following:

“Let me know which address is right, there’s a few I could post. Or I could just drive around the houses and wait to see which one you walk out of…. Don’t worry, I will find it.”

Father Frank Pavone states that he requires armed escorts at speaking engagements to guard him against disruptive pro-abortion demonstrators. At the Priests for Life blog, he has received comments such as, “Killing Father Frank will not be murder. It will be justifiable homicide.”

Pro-life groups in Kansas have also been receiving a number of death threats. Just a few hours after the Tiller killing, Kansans for Life received a message from a caller stating, “I hope you’re happy. You’ve killed him. Now I hope somebody comes and kills you all.”

Another group, the Kansas Coalition for Life, has received three serious threats since the shooting, one of which was a text message, saying, “One of you is going to die for what you did to Tiller.”

Wichita police have asked to be contacted if more threats are received.

Read more at and the Wichita Eagle.

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