Weekly Standard: Pro-Life Groups Applaud Rejection of Pro-Abortion Defense Bill

This post orginally appeard online at The Weekly Standard on December 10, 2010.


The Susan B. Anthony List issued the following press release, applauding the Senate for not voting for cloture on the Defense Authorization Bill: 

Today, the Susan B. Anthony List condemned U.S. Senate leadership’s attempts to advance the Department of Defense Authorization Bill allowing elective abortions to be performed on taxpayer-funded domestic and international military bases.  The Burris Amendment calls for elective abortions to be performed on military bases both at home and abroad using facilities, equipment and doctors paid for by American taxpayers.  SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said: 

“Today, the Senate’s pro-abortion leadership ignored the will of the American people and tried to advance a bill that would allow taxpayer-subsidized abortion on over 400 U.S. military bases, both at home and abroad.  On November 2, voters sent Congress clear marching orders to end taxpayer funding of abortion.  But the Defense Authorization Bill containing the Burris Amendment would turn over 400 domestic and international military bases into abortion clinics, using personnel and equipment subsidized by taxpayers.  Medical facilities are meant to preserve life, not destroy it.  Military physicians understand this better than anyone which is why they refused to participate when the practice was permitted during the Clinton Administration, forcing the Administration to recruit civilian abortionists.   

“We continue to urge Congress to oppose this bill in its current form.  It’s time for Congress to listen to the pro-life American majority by passing laws that save lives, not destroy them.”

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