Congress to Vote to Ban to Abortions Based on Fetal Pain

Mallory Quigley, 202-223-8073

Current D.C. law allows for abortions for any reason, up to the moment of birth 

Washington, DC ─ Today, the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List), a national pro-life organization, urged Congress to pass Rep. Trent Franks’ (R-AZ) D.C. Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 3803). The bill would ban abortion in the District of Columbia after 20 weeks gestation, based on scientific research that shows unborn children feel pain past that point in development. Previously, SBA List grassroots activists sent over 19,000 messages to Congress encouraging their representatives to support H.R. 3803. The group has lobbied in support of Rep. Franks bill, which now has 223 bipartisan co-sponsors, since its introduction.

“Ending abortion past 20 weeks, almost the sixth month mark, because the unborn child feels pain is a policy grounded both in sound medical research and common sense. If elected President, Governor Mitt Romney has pledged to advance and sign into law a national version of this legislation,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Until that time, we expect Congress to begin by protecting the children right here in our nation’s capital.”

“It is grave and appalling that unborn children in the shadow of Capitol Hill can have their lives ended by some of the most brutal abortion methods available up to the moment of birth. This tragedy is avoidable – especially here in Washington where there are numerous organizations whose primary mission is to minister to women facing unexpected pregnancies. Congress can and must immediately end this injustice.” 

A recent poll commissioned by the National Right to Life Committee found that Americans widely support this pro-life legislation. An overwhelming majority of American women, 70 percent to 18 percent said that abortion should not be permitted past the point at which an unborn child can feel pain.

Medical research shows that by 20 weeks after fertilization, an unborn child has the capacity to feel pain. Some data even suggests that pain can be felt before 20 weeks. At this state of pregnancy, abortions are carried out by either D&E (Dilation and Evacuation) abortion, where the fetus arms and legs are broken off with manual force, or saline injection abortion in which the fetus is stabbed with a needle and injected with saline solution, burning the developing skin before killing the unborn child.

The Susan B. Anthony List and its connected Political Action Committee, the SBA List Candidate Fund, are dedicated to electing candidates and pursuing policies that will reduce and ultimately end abortion.  To that end, the SBA List will emphasize the election, education, promotion, and mobilization of pro-life women.



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