Dangerous Pro-Abortion Ballot Measure Heads To Ohio Ballot Board

For Immediate Release: March 2, 2023
Contact: Kelsey Pritchard, [email protected]

Constitutional Amendment Would Remove Health Regulations and Parental Consent

– The pro-abortion ballot measure that would pose a health risk to women and girls will move on to consideration by the Ohio Ballot Board following certification of the constitutional amendment’s summary today.

The measure would amend the Ohio Constitution to eliminate existing health and safety protections as well as parental rights in Ohio law. It would invalidate laws that ensure a woman is screened and counseled by a licensed doctor who can transfer a patient to a local hospital in emergency situations. Parents would no longer need to be informed or provide consent for an underage daughter to undergo abortion.

Late-term abortion up until the moment of birth would be allowed with the change to the constitution – allowing for abortions well past the 15-week timeframe when an unborn child can feel pain.

SBA Pro-Life America’s State Affairs Director Sue Liebel shared her reaction:

“Regardless of what your views are on abortion, everyone should be concerned about this radical ballot measure that eliminates basic health care regulations and contains no protections for women’s safety. It’s extremely concerning that it would take Ohio’s law on parental consent off the books and it would forbid mothers and fathers from being able to have a say or any knowledge if their daughter seeks an abortion.”

Attorney General Dave Yost in his letter certifying the ballot measure’s explanation warned of potential legal problems with the constitutional amendment saying: “There are significant problems with the proposed amendment, and if adopted it will not end the long-running litigation on this topic, but simply transform it.”

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