Former Family Research Council VP & Heritage Research Fellow Joins SBA List Team

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 8, 2011
Contact: Ciara Matthews: (202) 630-7067

Chuck Donovan to Join Pro-Life Group as Head of New Education Fund

Washington, D.C.The Susan B. Anthony List is pleased to announce today the selection of Chuck Donovan as president of the organization’s new initiative in public policy. The institute, whose formal name will be announced soon, will devote its resources to accumulating, assessing and delivering to policy makers the best science, information and analysis on the protection of human life and the promotion of maternal health and well-being. 

Among other things, the institute will gather and analyze data on pregnancy, abortion, births and other vital statistics of interest to policy makers, gather and disseminate scientific research and medical advances supporting recognition of the continuum of human life in the womb and promoting the well-being of mothers, critique existing public policies in the context of their effect on abortion, out-of-wedlock births, and other adverse outcomes, promote concrete measures to make abortion rare by addressing public funding policies, special problems like “gender-cide” of unborn females, and abortion alternatives, and develop communications and education strategies on life issues that will assist policy makers, schools and the public in creating an effective and pro-woman culture of life.

“Chuck joins the SBA List team at a most critical moment in fighting the most consequential civil rights battle of our time. The science and data informing historic levels of debate on the abortion issue are critical to gaining protection for unborn children and justice and mercy for women,” said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

Donovan served as Legislative Director of the National Right to Life Committee more than three decades ago, worked as a writer for President Reagan, helped to lead the Family Research Council for nearly two decades and most recently has been Senior Research Fellow in Religion and Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation.  He has played key roles in the development of public policy regarding public financing of abortion, compassionate alternatives to abortion, the child tax credit and marriage penalty relief, and rights of conscience. He has written public policy monographs on numerous topics and his articles and columns have appeared in newspapers and web sites across the country, including The Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, American Library Journal and dozens more. He is a frequent guest on national media. Donovan is also a member of the board of Heartbeat International, a pregnancy care network with affiliates across the United States and dozens of countries worldwide.

“I deeply appreciate the opportunity the Susan B. Anthony List has given me to pursue this work,” Donovan said. “No organization has done more to dispel the idea that advocacy for genuine feminism must necessarily result in the abdication of consistent respect for human life. We are in the midst of an era when the advance of insights in medicine should make the 21st century the best, safest and most exciting time to be a mother and to welcome and nurture every child. It is time for our collective skills, sensibility, and policies to catch up with this reality, to help every mother know that she and her child are alike ‘wanted,’ and to make abortion and other abuses the relics of a tragic past we have transcended. The work we envision is designed to achieve that goal and to complement the efforts so many have already made to bring a new reality to pass.”



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