Insanity: WA Democrats Deploy Dept. of Corrections to Buy $1.2M of Abortion Pills

For Immediate Release: April 3, 2023
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Dem Governor Claims Pro-Life Laws Equal “National Conspiracy”

Washington, D.C. – Washington state’s Democratic Governor Jay Inslee revealed this week that the state’s Department of Corrections purchased 30,000 doses of the abortion pill mifepristone at his direction, at an estimated cost of $1.28 million. Inslee referred to life-saving protections for mothers and unborn children as a “national conspiracy” and a “hydra headed beast” and the stockpile as a “very important insurance policy.”

State Sen. Karen Keiser and State Rep. Jessica Bateman, both Democrats, reportedly are sponsoring legislation to allow the Department of Corrections to distribute or sell the pills. The state also asked the University of Washington to procure an additional 10,000 doses.

In November, a group of doctors led by the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine sued the FDA for its reckless and inadequate screening of the dangerous abortion drug regimen utilizing mifepristone and its progressive removal of restrictions designed to enhance safety for women. An initial decision in the case is expected at any time.

SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser responded:

More than six in 10 Americans oppose mail-order abortion drugs, yet extremist Democrats like Jay Inslee are spending millions to stockpile dangerous pills instead of focusing on the real needs of their constituents. Inslee’s bizarre announcement raises many questions. Did state or federal taxpayer dollars pay for these pills? Will the Department of Corrections sell abortion pills directly, since mailing them violates federal law? And what will any state do with 40,000 abortion pills if the court, having heard all the evidence, finds fault with the FDA’s politicized approval process?”

According to Marist polling, 63% of Americans oppose mail-order abortion drugs. Marist has also found that 60% of Americans oppose using tax dollars to fund abortion domestically, and 78% oppose using tax dollars to fund abortion abroad.

Dannenfelser continued:

“Democrats like Inslee and the abortion industry view mail-order abortion pills as their ‘insurance policy’ against efforts to safeguard unborn children and their mothers, even more so in the Dobbs era. For countless women and girls cut off from a doctor’s in-person supervision – especially in rural areas far from the nearest hospital – the only ‘insurance policy’ for complications like prolonged and severe bleeding, infection, missed ectopic pregnancy, or the need for follow-up surgery is the emergency room. Politicians and bureaucrats are playing a reckless game with the lives of women and children.”

SBA Pro-Life America and several national organizations representing pro-life doctors and health care professionals submitted a brief in the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. U.S. Food and Drug Administration case urging the court to grant a preliminary injunction. Scientists and doctors from the Lozier Institute also filed an amicus brief in the case that details more than a dozen specific concerns with the FDA’s flawed approval.

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