MSNBC Runs Cover for Dems, Censors Newsom’s Abortion Interview

For Immediate Release: February 27, 2024
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Washington, D.C. – Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America slammed MSNBC for censoring an interview in which California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, refused to answer simple, direct questions about whether he supports any limits on abortion at any week of pregnancy.

The group has previously called out CNN for claiming President Joe Biden supports abortion “until the point of viability.” Biden has endorsed the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act, better known as the Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act. This radical legislation would block new and existing pro-life laws, including those that protect babies from late-term abortions when they can feel pain.

Emily Erin Davis, SBA Pro-Life America’s vice president of communications, issued the following statement:

“Voters deserve the truth: today’s Democratic Party wants painful late-term abortion on demand, paid for by taxpayers, right up to the very end of the third trimester. They refuse to support any limits to protect babies or mothers at any point, they vilify pregnancy resource centers that serve the majority of women who want help to keep their babies, and they even brand parents as child abusers for protecting their daughters from the predatory abortion industry. Time after time they refuse to answer the most straightforward questions about their no-limits agenda. Yet instead of doing the job of journalists and uncovering the facts, their media allies shamefully do the job of activists and cover for them.

“‘Safe, legal and rare’ is long gone – now prominent Democrats literally cheer for abortion. These days it takes an independent candidate on the Left like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to state the obvious truth that the Democrats aren’t allowed to utter: every abortion is a tragedy. That statement is sure to anger the abortion activists that make up the Democrats’ increasingly fringe base, but the reality is that seven in 10 Americans support significant limits on abortion.

“How must Republicans respond to Democrats’ lies, since the media won’t do their job? Call them out. Go on offense to expose your opponents as the true extremists. Embrace the consensus of the American people and be clear about your stance, show compassion for women facing unexpected pregnancies, and contrast your reasonable position with the radical no-limits, all-trimester abortion position of the Democrats. If you do all of this, backed with real advertising dollars, you will make it a real fight. But if you take the ostrich strategy and bury your head in the sand you will lose every time.”

SBA Pro-Life America is tracking the pro-abortion extremism of the Biden-Harris administration at

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America is a network of more than one million pro-life Americans nationwide, dedicated to ending abortion by electing national leaders and advocating for laws that save lives, with a special calling to promote pro-life women leaders.



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