New Poll: Americans Distrust FDA & Reject Mail-Order Abortion Pills

For Immediate Release: April 7, 2023
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Washington, D.C.New polling conducted by CRC Research for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America examines Americans’ views on the FDA’s approval of the abortion pill in depth, showing that Americans do not believe the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s assertions that mail-order abortion drugs are safe:

  • 75% agree (52% strongly agree) that the FDA should have performed studies focused on girls under the age of 18 before approving the abortion pill for minors.
  • 62% feel not very confident (26%) or not at all confident (35%) in the claim that the abortion pill is safe after being on the market for two decades, when they know that the FDA tracks no side effects other than death.
  • 61% disagree that it is safe to distribute abortion pills through the mail with little to no supervision (41% strongly disagree), in light of the increased risk to women of coercion and abuse.
  • 56% consider the FDA untrustworthy (31% very untrustworthy) when they learn that the FDA fast-tracked the abortion pill regimen using its accelerated drug approval authority by calling pregnancy a “life-threatening illness.”
  • By a double-digit margin (51%-39%), Americans disagree that the abortion pill has been vetted carefully enough to protect women’s health and safety, based on what they know about the FDA (10% were unsure or did not respond).

SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser commented on the poll:

“The majority of Americans understand that the abortion pill is dangerous and they see through the abortion lobby’s lies. Common sense tells us that sending these drugs through the mail unsupervised puts women at risk, and that adolescent girls are at an especially vulnerable stage in their development. Under every Democratic administration, the FDA has undermined its own credibility by putting politics before patients. In good faith, we ask all Americans – pro-life or pro-choice – as well as advocates for legal abortion to join us in calling on the FDA to do its critical job and prioritize the health and safety of women and girls.”

Polling by Marist has also found that 63% of Americans oppose mail-order abortion drugs.

Ingrid Skop, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., a board-certified OB-GYN who has practiced in Texas for nearly 30 years and serves as senior fellow and director of medical affairs at Charlotte Lozier Institute, has criticized the FDA’s politicized drug approval process, saying:

“Pregnancy is not an illness. Children are our future. These are things the vast majority of Americans agree on – except for the FDA, which ditched common sense, ignored its own rules and bypassed important safeguards when approving the abortion pill…the FDA put politics ahead of science, putting women and girls at risk.”

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