Newsom’s Illegal Mail-Order Abortion Pill Scheme Endangers Women & Babies

For Immediate Release: September 28, 2023
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Radical Dems Exporting Abortion on Demand to Every State

Washington, D.C. – SBA Pro-Life America today slammed California Governor Gavin Newsom after he signed a law shielding mail-order abortion pill pushers in California from being held accountable for breaking the laws of other states and harming women. Contrary to media reports, the new law would shield not just doctors and pharmacists but anyone who sells such pills under the state’s constitution.

Newsom’s action follows news reports just in the last week that reveal:

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America’s State Policy Director Katie Daniel blasted Newsom, saying:

“The Democrats have spent decades insisting abortion is ‘between a woman and her doctor.’ Now they have made mail-order abortion pills between a woman and a chatbot, filled by any random person, hundreds or thousands of miles away, who isn’t there to intervene to save her life in an emergency. And California will allow these pills to be sent to minors without their parents even knowing, in violation of the laws of 36 states. Federal data shows the rate of abortion pill-related emergency room visits rose more than 500% over a decade and a half. Just recently we learned that a young mother died of sepsis less than a week after visiting Planned Parenthood for a chemical abortion. These are the type of reckless abortion profiteers the Democratic Party of Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden wants to protect. In their minds, there are no state borders. They don’t care what the laws are or how many women die – they are simply hell-bent on imposing abortion on demand throughout all nine months, paid for by taxpayers, across America.

“The Democrats’ dangerous, illegal mail-order abortion scheme is an assault on half the states that have put protections for women and babies in their laws. Republican candidates must go on offense, contrast themselves with their extremist opponents and share their plan to put a stop to it.”

In-depth polling conducted by CRC Research for SBA Pro-Life America shows 62% Americans are not confident abortion pills are safe when they know that the FDA tracks no side effects other than death. 61% disagree that it is safe to distribute abortion pills through the mail with little to no supervision (41% strongly disagree), in light of the increased risk to women of coercion and abuse.

In August, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that the FDA likely violated the law when it loosened safety standards on abortion pills and allowed them to be sent through the mail.

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