Pro-Life Victories: IN & NC Judges Allow Life-Saving Protections for Unborn Children & Their Mothers

For Immediate Release: June 30, 2023
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Nearly Half the Country Has Moved to Protect Unborn Children & Their Mothers from Abortion

WASHINGTON D.C. – Today, courts in Indiana and North Carolina issued favorable rulings allowing life-saving protections to go into effect.

The Indiana Supreme Court today affirmed the constitutional authority of Indiana legislators to protect the lives of unborn children and their mothers from the violence of abortion. The Court vacated the injunction on SB 1, legislation that protects unborn children and their mothers throughout pregnancy, allowing the law to take effect as early as August 1 while litigation continues. S.B. 1 passed with overwhelming majorities in the Indiana General Assembly during the 2022 special session and was signed into law by Republican Governor Eric Holcomb.

A North Carolina judge ordered that virtually all of S.B. 20, legislation that protects unborn children by 12 weeks and increases support for mothers and families by allocating $160 million for child care, parental leave, and community college assistance, can take effect on July 1.

SBA Pro-Life America’s Director of State Affairs Sue Liebel celebrated the Indiana ruling by saying:

“We thank the Indiana Supreme Court for letting the legislature do its job and protect the most vulnerable Hoosiers from the violence of abortion. We celebrate the thousands of lives that will be saved and women protected under the law.”

Caitlin Connors, southern regional director for SBA Pro-Life America, celebrated the North Carolina ruling saying:

“Today’s ruling is a crucial win for the unborn and their mothers. Passed with a supermajority of the legislature’s support, SB 20 reflects the will of the people of North Carolina. We celebrate that babies will be protected at 12 weeks gestation and the state’s record $160 million in funding for parental leave, material support, and many other resources will help women and children in North Carolina.”

Indiana was the first state to pass pro-life protections following the Dobbs decision. S.B. 1 will close all abortion businesses in Indiana, ensuring any abortions performed under certain exceptions are done in medical settings with necessary oversight like the ability to treat life-threatening complications. It is expected to prevent an estimated 95% of all other elective abortions, accounting for almost 8,000 lives saved.

Based on the most recent CDC data, protecting unborn children at 12 weeks would impact over 3,000 lives within North Carolina each year, not including reducing abortion tourism from other states.

One year after the Dobbs decision, 24 states have laws protecting life between conception and 12 weeks. SBA Pro-Life America is tracking life-saving laws in the states and the estimated number of abortions impacted.  

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America is a network of more than one million pro-life Americans nationwide, dedicated to ending abortion by electing national leaders and advocating for laws that save lives, with a special calling to promote pro-life women leaders.



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