Pro-Life Victory: Idaho Law Protecting Unborn Children & Their Mothers Throughout Pregnancy Upheld


Contact: Mary Owens, [email protected]

Washington, D.C.Today the Idaho Supreme Court rejected arguments that the Idaho constitution includes a right to abortion and upheld the state’s laws, S.B. 1385 and S.B. 1308, which broadly protect unborn children and their mothers throughout pregnancy. The bills were passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Brad Little (R) in 2020 and 2022 respectively. The laws were not enjoined and are in effect.

The ruling is in response to a lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood last year in an attempt to invalidate several Idaho laws, including the law protecting unborn children throughout pregnancy.

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser praised the ruling, saying:

“Protecting unborn children and their mothers has been Idaho’s policy for decades, and with one of the strongest pro-life laws in the country, the Gem State is poised to save thousands of lives a year. The Idaho Supreme Court rejected the abortion lobby’s bid to impose a ‘right’ to abortion on demand – recognizing that their role is to interpret the law as enacted by the people of Idaho, whose elected representatives have consistently passed pro-life laws. We congratulate the Idaho Legislature for defending their law all the way to their Supreme Court and look forward to working together in the future to support Idaho women and their families.”

SBA Pro-Life America has been tracking pro-life legislation in the states. After the Dobbs decision, at least a dozen states including Idaho have strong pro-life laws now in effect.

Charlotte Lozier Institute legal and medical analysis shows that all states with strong pro-life laws currently on the books allow necessary and timely medical treatment for miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and other procedures necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman.

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America is a network of more than one million pro-life Americans nationwide, dedicated to ending abortion by electing national leaders and advocating for laws that save lives, with a special calling to promote pro-life women leaders.


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