TODAY: Senate Dems Push Payouts to Planned Parenthood Act to Funnel More $$ to Abortion Industry 

For Immediate Release: June 5, 2024
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Washington, D.C. – Today Democrats in the U.S. Senate will hold a vote on Senator Ed Markey’s (D-MA) so-called “Right to Contraception Act,” more accurately titled the Payouts for Planned Parenthood Act. This misleading bill would funnel money to abortion giant Planned Parenthood, override conscience protections and create a “right” to abortion drugs.

Ahead of the vote, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser slammed the Democrats’ extremism in a statement:

“While pro-life Americans celebrate two years of lives protected in the Dobbs era this June, Senate Democrats led by Chuck Schumer are planning a month-long campaign of fearmongering and demonizing pro-life protections. The Democrats’ deceptive Payouts to Planned Parenthood Act has less to do with access to contraception than with funneling taxpayer dollars to the abortion industry and crushing dissent. Contraception is legal and available in every state and Congress funds contraception through numerous federal programs every year.

“With this bill, the devil is in the details. It requires taxpayers to bail out profit-driven abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, where expectant mothers are sold abortions 97% of the time. It could even go so far as to create a ‘right’ to abortion drugs. It’s clear the Democrats’ priority is not helping women, but helping the abortion lobby that spends millions to get them elected.”

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