Victories for Pro-life Movement Continue at State Level: Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Legislature Latest To Stand Against America’s Abortion Giant

Washington, D.C. – The Susan B. Anthony List today is applauding the Wisconsin state legislature for the budget passed last night which strips nearly $1 million away from Planned Parenthood.

“Today is a great day for the pro-life cause. The SBA List, in conjunction with Wisconsin Right to Life, state lawmakers, and our grassroots supporters have been working to ensure that Wisconsin taxpayers are no longer forced to subsidize Planned Parenthood,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of SBA List. “The budget passed last night is an important step in that direction. We thank the Wisconsin legislature for their courage and are looking forward to Governor Walkers’ signature which will make a significant cut to America’s largest abortion provider.”

Dannenfelser went on to explain that the efforts being seen in states across the country are a result of the lack of action being taken at the federal level.

“Washington failed to defund Planned Parenthood because President Obama singled them out for special attention and protection. States across the country are now doing what Washington did not do by working to expose and defund America’s abortion giant.”

The Susan B. Anthony List has been working to defund Planned Parenthood at both the federal and state levels, including spending more than $800,000 on robust television and radio ad campaigns, a bus tour, grassroots mobilization and print ads. The organization has also released statements by potential and declared 2012 Republican presidential candidates in support of the defunding effort.

Dannenfelser concludes by encouraging other state’s lawmakers to follow the lead of not only Wisconsin, but many other states which have cut taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood, including New Jersey, Indiana, Kansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina.



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