Women Speak Out Against Painful Late-Term Abortions in 5-Figure Ad Campaign

For Immediate Release: April 29, 2024

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Digital Ads Will Reach 6M Americans in 6 States to Educate on Extremism of U.S. Abortion Policy

Washington, D.C. Today Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America Education Fund announced the launch of a five-figure digital ad campaign highlighting scientific advances that reveal the humanity of unborn children and the extremism of U.S. policy that allows late-term abortions without limits, when babies in the womb can feel pain.

Featured in the ads are Dr. Casey L. Delcoco, a family practitioner who cares for mothers and children, and Annie Fitzgerald, a young woman who was adopted. The ad campaign will reach six million residents of Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

“Advances in science reveal more about the humanity of children in the womb every day. By six weeks, unborn babies have a heartbeat, by 10 weeks their unrepeatable fingerprints are forming, and by 15 weeks they make faces, prefer sucking their right or left thumb, and feel pain,” said SBA Pro-Life America Education Fund President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Yet our extreme no-limits abortion laws that make us a global outlier among the nations, along with human rights abusers like China, have not caught up. While 24 states now have strong protections for life in their laws, at least 55,800 babies a year are still unprotected from painful late-term abortions, and the majority of women facing unexpected pregnancies who would prefer keeping their babies – not being pushed toward abortion – are not yet receiving all the support and resources they may need.

“Annie’s and Dr. DelCoco’s stories show how this issue touches us all. Americans overwhelmingly support limits on late-term abortions as well as the life-affirming safety net that helps moms in need. As we work hard to educate millions of our neighbors about the extreme reality of abortion in America, we believe decency and compassion will win.”


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