Women Speak Out Virginia Makes Historic $1.5 Million Investment in Legislative Races

For Immediate Release: October 27, 2023
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 Virginia Republicans Go on Offense, Back Protections From Painful Abortions at 15 Weeks

RICHMOND, Virg. – Today, Women Speak Out Virginia – 2023, a partner of SBA Pro-Life America, announced a $1.5 million campaign to support Republican General Assembly candidates who back limits on abortion at 15 weeks, a point when science shows babies in the womb can feel the pain of the abortion, and defeat Democrats who favor no limits on abortion up to birth.

Polling conducted by WPA Intelligence earlier this year found 61% of Virginians support legislation to protect babies at 15 weeks, with exceptions in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother – a priority of Governor Glenn Youngkin:

  • Includes 64% of Independents, 55% of Democrats and 56% of women.
  • 65% of likely voters oppose allowing abortion until the moment of birth.

This investment is Women Speak Out Virginia’s largest contribution to date. In 2021, Women Speak Out Virginia contributed $1.4 million to successfully elect Youngkin and win control of the House of Delegates. The campaign includes digital ads, voter contact mail and phone outreach to expose the stark contrast between Democratic candidates who stand for no limits, all-trimester abortions and Republicans who commit to eliminate elective late-term abortions in the state.

SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser commented:

“Hundreds of lives each year depend on pro-life Virginians showing up on Nov. 7 and casting their ballots for Republican candidates. Voters have the opportunity to stop the Democrats’ agenda of no-limits abortion up to the 40th week and even letting babies who survive abortions die. Virginians are compassionate and more than 60% support Gov. Youngkin and the Virginia GOP’s efforts to protect babies and their mothers from painful, brutal abortions at 15 weeks – which Senate Democrats are blocking. Candidates across this country should take note of how Republicans in Virginia are leading on life by going on offense, calling out the lies of the abortion lobby and exposing their opponents as the true extremists when it comes to abortion.”

By 15 weeks gestation, a baby in the womb’s major organs have all been formed, his or her heart has beat more than 15 million times, the baby responds to touch and he or she has been practicing breathing for up to six weeks. The baby has recognizable facial features including a forehead, nose, cheeks, lips, eyes, and ears, and already shows a preference for sucking the right or left thumb.

The Women Speak Out PAC Virginia – 2023 campaign exposes the extremism of the following Democrat candidates who support abortion up until the moment of birth:

  • House of Delegates candidates: Josh Thomas (District 21), Travis Nembhard (District 22), Rob Banse (District 30), Lilly Franklin (District 41), Susanna Gibson (District 57), Joshua Cole (District 65), Jessica Anderson (District 71), Stephen Miller-Pitts (District 75), Kimberly Pope Adams (District 82), Karen Lynette Jenkins (District 89), Michael Feggans (District 97).
  • Senate candidates: Van Valkenburg (District 16), Clinton Jenkins (District 17), Monty Mason (District 24), Joel Griffin (District 27), Russet Perry (District 31).


Paid for by Women Speak Out Virginia – 2023.  Not authorized by a candidate.



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