RADIO: March’s One Minute Commentaries

In March’s One Minute Commentaries we explore the fate of China’s One Child Policy, Planned Parenthood’s changing media strategy, Texas’ Pro-life legal victory and much more.

One Minute Commentaries are now available for the month of March 2013. These no-cost public service announcements run on our network of Christian and secular stations in all 50 states and Guam, and dispelled myths about the safety of abortion, promoted Life-affirming alternatives, and informed the public with up-to-the-minute information about pending legislation.

New Demographic Trends Reveal Changing Attitudes

One Abortion Advocate is Brutally Honest

Kansas Pro-life Law Will Stand

Alabama Includes the Unborn in its Definition of Children

Examining Planned Parenthood’s Actual Service Raises Questions About its Commitment to Women’s Health

Chilling Numbers

A Creative Way to Speak Up For Life

Is China’s One Child Policy on the Way Out? Not So Fast

The Russian Government Puts Orphans on Hold

Pro-abortion Group Takes Action in Face of a Declining Base

The Semantics of Language

Officials Turn Attention to Low Birth Rates in South Korea

You’re Invited

Did You See It?

Democracy Denied

Where is the Outrage?

Pro-abortion Media Bias Exposed

An Absurd Accusation of Racism

A Cause of Premature Births

Texas Wins! No We’re Not Talking Football

How Many Parents Does it Take to Make a Baby?

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