Shauna Amick: Mother and Advocate

A proud disability rights advocate, Shauna Amick chose life for her daughter, Sarah Hope, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, as well as other genetic abnormalities. She uses her voice to speak up for children like her own daughter, and her beautiful family is proof that children can live happy, full lives regardless of disability. Her story reveals the truth that while raising a child with disabilities may look challenging at first, it can ultimately be the greatest joy of a mother’s life. She serves as the Director of Radio Channel Marketing at Joni And Friends, an organization that advances ministry opportunities for people living with disabilities.

The Lord met me on the top floor of a children’s hospital. He spoke to my broken mother’s heart, allowing me to see my baby’s health crisis and my baby with new eyes. The One who sees me brought me to a spacious place where I was able to transcend my own hopelessness, and that is what made all the difference.


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