Abby Johnson: Unplanned

Today marks the release date of Unplanned, a book written by a former Planned Parenthood director about the secrets of the abortion industry.

Abby Johnson participated in a webcast last night on the eve of the release. She revealed that she personally had two abortions, the first time she has publicly shared such information. Johnson grew up in “a wonderful, pro-life, conservative family.” As she remarked, “I never thought I would be a person who would choose abortion, but I did.”

Speaking about one of her abortions, Johnson referred to it as “one of the worst experiences of my life.”

Johnson talks about the myth promoted by Planned Parenthood that they wish to make abortions safe, rare, and legal. “They wanted us to increase the quota of surgical abortions that we were providing, so that we had a certain number of abortion clients every month. They were increasing that number,” Johnson explains. “They also wanted to, and were going to offer, medically-induced (RU-486) abortions many times a week by offering something similar to tele-medicine. In true tele-medicine, the patient has a conference with the physician, but in what they were doing, the patient had no contact with a physician. This was disturbing to me because there are many possible complications. I had lived through nearly every complication with my second abortion, so I was nervous about these women who were choosing this without any physician counsel.”

Johnson also explains how due to federal funding, as well as their focus on providing profitable abortions, Planned Parenthood makes huge profits, much to the delight of management. They view their non-profit status as a tax status, not a business status.

Johnson is just one of thousands of women who have come to regret their abortions and have become pro-life ambassadors. She is also one of many former abortion industry workers who realized the preciousness and sanctity of human life.

Johnson brings a message to those still in the abortion industry:

“I want you to know that there is a peace and a joy that you can have too. Right now, you don’t have it and don’t know what it feels like. I thought I had that. I thought I was a happy person, but I was a conflicted person. I thought I had joy, but I was a person living a dysfunctional life who was constantly on the defensive….You’re probably embarrassed to tell others what you really do. You don’t have to be embarrassed any more. It’s shameful to take the lives of other human beings. You don’t have to be in that shameful environment any more. You can come to a side of the fence where there is compassion, love, and healing. That’s what we want to help you find – that peace and that joy.”

Johnson’s book has shot up to #12 on Amazon’s book list.

SBA President Marjorie Dannenfelser remarked on Johnson and Unplanned, stating:

“Her story is so moving that Planned Parenthood unsuccessfully tried to sue her to prevent her from telling it,” she said. “Abby plans to expose what she witnessed during eight years climbing the ranks of Planned Parenthood and why she abandoned it for the pro-life movement.”

Johnson is an inspiration and a new leader in the pro-life movement. Her book is a must read for all pro-lifers, and is a vital tool in converting those to the side of life.

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