ACTION ALERT: Comment on "America Speaking Out"

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Have you heard about the Republicans’ newly launched website called “America Speaking Out”? Members of the Republican leadership created the site to give the American people a chance to share their national policy ideas with Members of Congress by telling them which issues matter most.

The America Speaking Out website contains forums where citizens can voice their ideas and concerns. Currently in the “Life” section, radical, pro-abortion groups have taken it upon themselves to submit suggestions, such as: “the sanctity of life should support whatever of woman wishes to do with her body. Without this right freedom is meaningless.”

The majority of Americans are pro-life, so we need to make sure our voices are heard.

Support this “comment” on the America Speaking Out Site:

Abortion is not healthcare. Any bill that replaces or changes the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act must ensure that no federal funds go toward elective abortion, must prevent any federal agency from mandating abortion, and must protect the conscience of healthcare workers.

Its easy to get involved!

1. Click the link  to the site, then click the “thumbs up” on the website.

2. You will be asked to create an account if you do not already have one. Then you can place a final “thumbs up” vote to take abortion funding out of health care.

3. You can also comment on our post, send a link to your friends, and put it on your Twitter and Facebook.

Pro-lifers, now is your chance to tell Republican leadership that we must continue to fight the expansion of abortion through healthcare reform. Don’t let the pro-aborts out-vote us on our pro-life post.   It is important to vote as soon as possible so that, together, we can send the clear message that protecting unborn American lives should be a legislative priority.  The Republican Leadership cannot help but pay attention if our idea gets overwhelming support in a short span of time.  Vote Now!

Click here to speak up and let Congressional Republicans know that protecting Life is important to you! 

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