Adult Stem Cell Research Shows Promise

Did you know that despite the constant push to promote embryonic stem cell research, such research has provided fewer reliable results than non-embryonic stem cell research? Science has found that adult stem cells can be used to treat over 70 diseases and medical conditions, while drug companies such as Geron recently terminated their embryonic stem cell research programs, primarily due to a lack of results.

Last month, another myth favoring embryonic stem cell research was debunked: that which claims adult stem cells can only become their own type of cell—i.e. fat cells can only be used to produce more fat cells. This has been proven false! Researchers at an Israeli biotechnology company had a recent breakthrough when they were able to successfully grown human bone from fat cells . Adult stem cells might soon be able to repair bones damaged from accidents, old age, and disease!

Adult stem cell research is also being carried out at The University of Notre Dame, which as a Catholic institution has stepped up its commitment to protecting life in all its stages. With a donation of $5 million, ND alumni Michael and Elizabeth Gallagher have established the Elizabeth and Michael Gallagher Family Professorships in Adult Stem Cell Research, which will support and develop Notre Dame’s non-embryonic stem-cell research program. The program will work to find ways to improve the lives of countless patients, while simultaneously sparing the lives of innocent human embryos.

Unlike embryonic stem cell research, adult stem cell research benefits all life. 

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