Be a Man, Bro

Much fun of Ben Sherman’s silly recent blog post has been made.  Most of his article contains typical stale pro-abortion arguments.  But Sherman adds a little spice and swaggers out, admitting (nay, boasting) that it’s all about his sex life.  “Don’t be surprised,” he warns of the current Texas bill, “if casual sex outside relationships becomes far more difficult to come by.”  Alright, then.

So Sherman wants to have as much casual sex outside relationships as possible.  The “vibe” will be better for him so long as he has the comfort of knowing that he can simply pay a one-time fee to have his unborn child dismembered in the womb rather than accept the responsibility of fatherhood.  For being so eager to sacrifice his unborn children for his sex life, though, Sherman seems oddly determined to spend a long time deliberating over his decision to pressure his women into abortions.  After all, the topic of his “bro-choice” rallying cry, the Texas bill, only prohibits abortions after twenty weeks (the point at which his innocent children feel excruciating pain as they are killed).  Wouldn’t he want to restore normality to his sex life as soon as possible and intimidate his hookups into abortions quickly, lest his personal life experience lengthier inconveniences?  I don’t get it.

Anyway, the broader point, of course, is that what makes Sherman “bro-choice” is his amazingly callous lack of seriousness when it comes to his sexual choices.  Men must respect women, not use them.  Your job, bro, is to be a man: take responsibility for your actions and stand up for the vulnerable.  Maybe your sex life isn’t the only thing that matters.  I don’t stand with Ben Sherman.  I’m proud to be bro-life.    

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