Catholic Health Association’s chickens are coming home to roost

The Catholic Health Association created a firestorm within the Catholic Church last year when subverted the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and came out in support of Obamacare despite the fact that it funds abortions. As our president Marjorie Dannenfelser said last year in The Washington Post, “You still hear Democrats harkening to these nuns who nobody ever heard of till that day, and now they are the authoritative church figures?”

Now, CHA’s chickens are coming home to roost. The Obama administration said last week that the “reform” law expanded “preventive” health care benefits for women, and that means birth control, including abortifacients, must be covered with no copays – basically free to consumers. Catholic doctrine is that any kind birth control is gravely immoral and contrary to God’s design. Sister Carol Keehan, the president of the CHA who claimed conscience rights would be protected under the law, is complaining that the conscience provision in the law is so narrow that it wouldn’t apply to Catholic hospitals.

Hopefully Keehan will learn her lesson – when you make a deal with the devil (speaking figuratively, of course), you’re bound to get burned.

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