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Urgent message from the STAM coalition!

Pro-lifers need to keep the pressure on Congress, especially as representatives start to head back from their holiday recess. Catching up with your congressmen while they are in their home district offices could be the reinforcement they need to stand up for their pro-life constituents.

Check out this awesome January ToolKit from the Stop the Abortion Mandate (STAM) coalition site.

The ToolKit gives you everything you need to help prevent Washington D.C. bureaucrats and abortion industry lobbyists from using GOVERNMENT FUNDS to pay for abortions and bailout the failing abortion industry!

January ToolKit Includes:

    * Instructions for how to arrange a visit to your Congressman or Senator’s district office, including sample call script
    * A one-page summary about Government Funding of Abortion
    * Questions to ask your Congressman or Senator
    * Sample Letters to the Editor
    * General Q&A about Abortion Funding in Health Care

There is still time to meet with your Congressmen and Senators at home in their district offices before they return to D.C. and continuation of the health care battle. Tell them before they leave home, you oppose government funding of abortion! Along with the majority of Americans.

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