DC Mayor & Council Members Arrested While Protesting Pro-life Amendment to Budget

Yesterday, D.C.’s Mayor, Vincent Gray, along with six City Council members including the City Council Chairman Kwame Brown were arrested outside of the Capitol Building. They were gathered to protest the budget deal reached on Friday, which called for the Dornan amendment to be reinstated, preventing local and federal tax dollars from being used for abortions in the District of Columbia. 

The Washington Examiner reports:

About 200 people came out to protest Monday evening, three days after President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, brokered a deal to keep the federal budget running that also banned the District from spending local taxpayer dollars on abortions.

“It’s a boiling point,” said Ward 1 resident Micah Haskell-Hoehl, who came out to his first protest for D.C. rights Monday evening, pushed by the spending controls Congress is set to put in place on the city. The ban on abortion spending “is the epitome of kicking the smallest person when they’re already down.”

Really? The epitome of kicking the smallest person when they’re done?

Seems to me like telling a stressed, frightened low-income woman that the only solution to her “problem” is to have her child’s life brutally ripped out of her womb by an invasive and violent procedure that could scar her emotionally and physically for life better fits that description.

A press release on Mayor Gray’s website says:

During the protest, the Mayor stated: “This is an absolute travesty. DC deserves to be free,” he said. “All we want to do is spend our own money.”

In speaking about the riders on the bill, he continued, “Why should women in the District of Columbia be subjected to a set of rules that no other woman is subjected to?

You’re right, Mayor Gray, it is an absolute travesty that as the Mayor of a predominantly African-American city, you got arrested for advocating for taxpayer funded abortion. Abortion takes the life of a disproportionate number of black children each year. In fact, with over a third of African-American women receiving abortions, the most dangerous place for an African-American child is in the womb.

Thanks to the Dornan Amendment, one thousand unborn lives will be saved this year from abortion. These children will be born as we all are: with a purpose.

Visit www.thatsabortion.com and www.blackgenocide.org for more information.


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