Despite Pro-abortion Mob, Texas Fights for Life

On Tuesday, abortion advocates in Austin, Texas defeated a pro-life bill that would’ve protected the lives of unborn children 20 weeks and older.  Democrat state senator Wendy Davis led the charge against defenseless unborn babies. 

It’s sometimes interesting to examine the leaders and supporters of a particular movement.  Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, like Martin Luther King, Jr. organized peaceful protests and civil disobedience to fight the injustice of segregation; British abolitionist Josiah Wedgwood created medallions that illustrated the humanity of enslaved people and the inhumanity of slavery; Lewis Hine campaigned against child labor by traveling the country with photos displaying children’s horrible working conditions.   

And pro-abortion zealots, in Occupy Wall Street-esque mobs, scream about “women’s health” while opposing abortion regulations that would prevent Texas abortionist Douglas Karpen from twisting the heads off of living babies outside the womb; increase medical standards at abortion centers, making them safer for women; and ban late-term abortions that are dangerous for both women and pain-capable unborn children. 

The majority of Americans don’t support abortion on demand during the later months of pregnancy.  The ones who do are the extremists who orchestrated an eleven-hour spectacle inside the Texas legislature and all over Twitter.

President Obama tweeted his support of the anti-democratic chaos; opponents of S.B. 5 weighed in on twitter with an unsurprising amount of vulgarity; and Nancy “sacred ground” Pelosi tweeted that she was “inspired” by Davis’s “courage and dedication” that will allow pain-capable unborn children to continue to suffer from late-term abortions if Governor Rick Perry doesn’t call another special legislative session. 

The mass of unruly abortion supporters who behaved so uncivilly in Texas is a sharp contrast to the pro-life movement, which has organized a peaceful March for Life every January for the past 40 years and doesn’t resort to furiously disrupting the legislative process when democracy doesn’t go their way.    

The behavior and words of abortion supporters say a lot about their movement. 

Thankfully, Gov. Perry has refused to give up in his defense of unborn children.  Undaunted by the uncivilized pro-abortion mob, he issued a call for another special session of the Texas legislature, which is set to begin July 1. 

“We will not allow the breakdown of decorum and decency to prevent us from doing what the people of this state hired us to do,” Gov. Perry said.

Stop the Gosnells launched a Stand with Texas petition and Online for Life initiated one called Is This Your Voice.  Both petitions give pro-life individuals the opportunity to speak out against the abortion lobby and in favor of protecting unborn children without having to viciously storm the gallery of the Texas State Senate to obstruct the legislative process. 

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