Diane Black: A Leader for the Pro-Life Movement

Diane Black, a nurse by trade, has represented the people of Tennessee’s sixth congressional district since 2011.  Prior to her election to Congress, she served as both a state representative and state senator.

Diane Black is a dedicated leader in the pro-life movement, and has championed legislation that will save lives, including the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.  She has a heart for service, and a determination to protect life.

Susan B. Anthony List has worked with Rep. Black over the years, building a strong relationship.  We know we can always count on her to fight for unborn babies and their mothers.

In May of last year, Rep. Black spoke on the House floor in defense of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  SBA List staff watched as she and other members of Congress spoke eloquently about the legislation, which would stop abortions at 20 weeks, more than halfway through pregnancy, a point by which science proves a baby can feel pain.

One of many memorable quotes from Rep. Black included:

“Sadly, while we celebrate advances in technology that prove life has value and worth before leaving the hospital, we also continue to be one of only seven nations that allow elective, late-term abortions.  Basic decency and human compassion demands that something has to change.”

Having pro-life women leaders in office is immensely important.  Who better to debunk the false narrative that abortion on-demand — even late in a pregnancy – is equivalent to women’s rights?  For years, women have been lied to and made to think that they’re not strong enough, not creative enough, not ready for an unexpected or difficult pregnancy. Diane Black speaks to women with the compassion of a nurse and mother to give hope and build a path forward to a culture of life.

Representative Black faces a primary race today. Please pray for her victory and if you live in Tennessee’s sixth district, get out and vote! Diane Black has never let us down. SBA List thanks Diane Black for her loyal service, and look forward to working with her for years to come.

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